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We are glad to offer you our consultancy services about Safety and knowledge management. This two aspects are highly related and you need to use the correct methods and tools, in the appropriate way, to make profit out of it. They will lead you to a competitive position and avoid the problems of legal liabilities. To learn more about our services please contact us at:

info at scentia


Safety and Risk Analysis

Risk to health an lack of safety, may appear or be increased due to electronics equipment malfunction caused by improper definition, design, construction, installation, maintenance, use, ....

The only way to control this Risk and be sure of the safety of your products is to implement a Safety Plan which should include a Risk Analysis.

Knowledge capture and management

The key issue for the companies who want to be competitive and survive in the nowadays business word is to be able to acquire and capture the knowledge of its personnel and, as important as this, to manage it, making it available quickly, when and where is needed. This is specially important in Safety and Risk evaluation like: System analysis, FMFAs, FTAs, and so.